YaYaPage.com Web Hosting Review

YaYaPage.com Web Hosting Basics

YaYaPage.com Disk Space:  300M  
YaYaPage.com Bandwidth:  unlimited  
Example URL:  demo.yayapage.com  
Required Banner Ads:  None  
Visit YaYaPage.com for complete details.

YaYaPage.com Features:

  • Create a website quickly for personal, business and e-learning.
  • Powerful, easy-to-use tools
  • Reliable hosting you can count on
  • No banner ads
  • No pop-up ads
  • No unwanted ads whatsoever
  • Email support
  • Supports rich text
  • Forums
  • Shopping cart
  • Use new or existing domain

YaYaPage.com Review:

YaYaPage is offering free web hosting for the masses. This is a simple plan that gives you enough space to do a personal or small business site. With easy-to-use design tools you can have a simple site up in a matter of minutes. For a more complex site you have the option to edit and make your site into whatever you want it to be. You never have to have any ads on your site and you can email support anytime that you have a question or problem that you need some help with. This is a free account so there are limits to what you can do but if you are just wanting to try it all out and see what web hosting is about this may be the perfect opportunity for you. Visit YaYaPage today.

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