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ix Web Hosting Web Hosting Basics

ix Web Hosting Disk Space:  Unlimited  
ix Web Hosting Bandwidth:  Unlimited  
Example URL:  domain.com  
Required Banner Ads:  None  
ix Web Hosting Monthly Cost:  $3.95  
Visit ix Web Hosting for complete details.

ix Web Hosting Features:

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Transfers
  • Unlimited Free Hosting Space
  • 1 Free Domain Registration
  • 2 Free Dedicated IP Address
  • Ecommerce Ready
  • Free Sitebuilder
  • Free Sub Domains
  • Database Support
  • Free 24/7 Support
  • Phone, Chat, Ticket, Email Support
  • 2GB Single Mailbox Quota
  • Free 7 Day Free Trial
  • Free Website builder
  • Free 1-Click Installs
  • Easy File Manager
  • Free Website Design Tips
  • Professional Design Team Available
  • Web Hosting Control Panel
  • 24/7 Network and Service Monitoring
  • New High Performance Hardware
  • Free Dasient Domain Security Scanning
  • Free Redundant Network and Routing
  • Free Online Advertising
  • Free Video Tutorials
  • Free Website Statistics
  • eCommerce Features
  • 1-click Online Store Install
  • Selection of Shopping Cart Software
  • Free eCommerce Tutorials

ix Web Hosting Review:

ix Web Hosting is an excellent web hosting company with an excellent reputation for reliable web hsoting for quality websites at a cheap web hosting price. IX Web Hosting packages start at just $3.95 per month and ix Web Hosting offers their customers unlimited domains, transfers, web space, and 2 dedicated IP address.

One of the things that sets ix Web Hosting apart from the others is their ability to provide dedicated IP addresses with their packages for literally pennies a day. Their Unlimited Pro Package is a great deal at only $7.95 a month offering 3 free domain registrations and 15 dedicated IP addresses.

Whatever your web hosting needs IX Web Hosting has a web hosting package that will meet your needs. Visit the ix Web Hosting site for complete details on all their products and services.

ix Web Hosting Reader Reviews:

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submitted by: AdFenix Powering a better eMarketing - Jan 14, 2010

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submitted by: Blake - Jan 17, 2009

1 stars    I am totally and completely disgusted with IX Webhosting. It used to be a great host and I recommended it to everyone I could. But something has changed. I believe they got sold. Since then, we have had nothing but endless trouble with this host... Last year, they proudly moved to a new Data Center. Of course this caused us problems for several months. They kept apologizing, but the problems persisted. After a very long period, things calmed down and remained that way until November... Without prior warning, IX moved our site to a new server in November. After 60+ hours of calling, using Live Chat, and using the ticket support system, they finally worked out most problems. I felt like I had to beg to get IX to help resolve the problems that they created. I lost an entire weekend fighting them. The IX response times average between 12-24 hours... Then again this January, IX updated all of our cgi-bin files in our domain and all of our sub-domains recreating the problems that were caused in November`s unnecessary server move. Again, it took over 60+ hours to get our site up and running. I had to find workarounds to get our site up and running, and amazingly, IX tried to take credit for getting our site up and running again even though they had nothing to do with it... Even though our site is up and running now, we still have many problems. After 176 hours of fighting IX for help, they have yet to correct the Cron job errors that still plague our site... The last two days, the server has crashed in the evening requiring another call to IX to get the server restarted/reset and our site back online. This was the same pattern that plagued us after the Data Center move last year. And early every morning, the page load response times drag down to a crawl. This seems to start between midnight and 4 AM every single night. The other day, the slowness continued well into the following day. We get an apology from IX each time this happens, but they don`t seem to be doing anything to permanently correct it... IX has tried very hard to blame these problems on our code, which worked fine before the server move in November and again up until January. IX does not want to take responsibility for their actions and it is frustrating and disgusting dealing with them. I cannot in good conscience recommend IX Webhosting to anyone until they improve the skills of their own Technical Support staff. It wouldn`t hurt if they hired a few more knowledgeable people to improve their response times too. Waiting 12-24 hours for each new response to a ticket is totally unacceptable. With IX`s lack of effort, a resolution to a problem can drag on for days and weeks. IX does the bare minimum to assist its clients and they do it as slow as they possibly can... Dealing with IX technical support gets real old real fast. I wouldn`t wish this on anyone...

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