Free web hosting knowledgbase

Best Free Web Hosts

  1. 150m - 150MB Web Space / Ads
  2. 20m - 20MB Disk Space / Ads
  3. StormLoader - 50MB Web Space

Top Cheap Web Hosts

  1. BlueHost - $3.49 Unlimited Sites
  2. FatCow - $4.08 Free Domain
  3. JustHost - $2.95 Free Site Builder

Free Blog Hosting

There are two main free blog hosting companies. Google hosts a free blog called blogger. Another free blog is offered with WordPress. This article will compare these two free blog hosting companies and what they have to offer you. Learn more: Free Blog Hosting

Find the Best Free Web Hosting

Not every free web hosting company will offer what each individual is looking for.  The best free web hosting is the web hosting that best serves your needs. This article explores the elements to look for to find a satisfactory free web host for you. Learn more: Find the Best Free Web Hosting

Cheap vs Free Web Hosting

In the world of the Internet, you can sometimes make a major difference in the look and feel of your site for a very small amount of money by moving from a free service to a paid service. See how cheap vs. free plays out in several different scenarios in this article. Learn more: Cheap vs Free Web Hosting

Free Website Builder

Unlike a free website template, which you download and fill in on your own, a free website builder is a tool, often proprietary, that a web hosting company provides to take you step-by-step through the process of using a template to build your website. To learn more, keep reading. Learn more: Free Website Builder

Free Website Templates

Free website templates can make building a website much easier. Learn about what free website templates are, where you can get free website templates, and what you need to look for in a free website template to make your web hosting experience successful.

Learn more: Free Website Templates

What Is Free Web Hosting?

What is free web hosting? Learn about what free web hosting is, what the pros and cons of free web hosting are, and who some of the best free web host providers are. Read on for more information about free web hosting.

Learn more: What Is Free Web Hosting?

Pros and Cons of Free Hosts

What are the pros to using a free webhosting service? This article reviews the positve aspects of using a free host. What are the cons of using a free webhosting service. Some may argue against using free hosts. Consider these pros and cons for yourself and your needs. Learn more: Pros and Cons of Free Hosts

Why Build a Free Website?

Are you ready to build a website? This article discusses times when you might want to consider building a free website as your first choice. Sure, free websites have limitations. But sometimes a free website is a more sensible and effective choice than paying for a website. Learn more: Why Build a Free Website?

Get Free Google Adwords Credit From Your Web Host

Google Adwords is a great marketing and advertising tool to promote your website. Web hosting companies are often in a position to offer free advertising incentives. This article explains how AdWords work and how to get free Google AdWords credit from your web host. Learn more: Get Free Google Adwords Credit From Your Web Host

Get Free Yahoo Ad Credits From Your Web Host

This article discusses ways to get free Yahoo ad credits from your web host. Many web hosting companies offer free Google Adword credits and Yahoo Ad credit when you sing up for a web hosting account. Keep reading for tips on bidding on pay per click with Yahoo Ads. Learn more: Get Free Yahoo Ad Credits From Your Web Host

Free Forum Hosting

Forums offer the ability to discuss topics and free forum hosting is when a web host allows a forum to be hosted on a website for free. There are two types of free forum hosting. Keep reading to which free forum hosting works best for your website. Learn more: Free Forum Hosting

Free PHP Hosting

Free web hosting companies may offer free PHP hosting or free ASP hosting. This article defines PHP hosting vs ASP hosting and what is typically involved and included when using a free web hosting company to get free PHP hosting. Learn more: Free PHP Hosting

Free File Hosting

Free file hosting is available through many free web hosting providers. There are pros and cons to using free file hosting. This article helps define file hosting vs free file hosting and offers tips when searching for free file hosting. Learn more: Free File Hosting

Free Domain Hosting

Free domain hosting can have different meanings. Are you looking for a free web hosting company, or for a free domain name through your web hosting provider? This article helps clarify the differences in domain hosting, web hosting, and free domain hosting. Learn more: Free Domain Hosting

Free Photo Hosting

Before one can understand the pros and cons of free photo hosting, one must understand what photo hosting, or image hosting, is. This article defines photo hosting, the pros and cons of free photo hosting, and offers tips on choosing free photo hosting providers. Learn more: Free Photo Hosting

Free Video Hosting

Free video hosting refers to using a web hosting company to store or host your video files. This article helps define the basics of video hosting and what to lookfor in free video hosting. If you are looking for free video hosting this article is a must read. Learn more: Free Video Hosting