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Best Free Web Hosts

  1. 150m - 150MB Web Space / Ads
  2. 20m - 20MB Disk Space / Ads
  3. StormLoader - 50MB Web Space

Top Cheap Web Hosts

  1. BlueHost - $3.49 Unlimited Sites
  2. FatCow - $4.08 Free Domain
  3. JustHost - $2.95 Free Site Builder

Shared Web Hosting

If you've ever had a personal website that you ran from your home computer, then you've had experience with shared web hosting, even if the name doesn't ring a bell. Inexpensive hosting options tend not to mention that they're shared: it just goes without saying. To find out more of the details about shared web hosting, check out the rest of this article. Learn more: Shared Web Hosting

Image and File Hosts

There are online image hosts, and there are online file hosts who accept a wide variety of files. Some of these hosts provide free services, and some provide services at a charge. This article explains the basics of image and file hosts. Learn more: Image and File Hosts

How to Make Money Online

There are a number of strategies for making money online, with different approaches being a better fit for some people and businesses than others. For an overview to help you consider strategies for making money online that might work for you, read this article. Learn more: How to Make Money Online

Subdomains vs Subfolders

Subdomains and subfolders are two ways of dividing up a domain. These two different approaches both look different in the URL. You would use a subdomain in a different situation than you would a subdomain. This article compares when it is most useful to use a subdomain versus a subfolder. Learn more: Subdomains vs Subfolders

WordPress vs. Blogger

Read our Wordpress vs Blogger review to learn more about Wordpress and Blogger blogging software. Learn about the benefits of Wordpress versus Blogger to find out which blogging software will work the best for you.  

Learn more: WordPress vs. Blogger

Domain Names

A domain name can be thought of as a nickname for an Internet Protocol (IP) address, a locator for websites on the World Wide Web. Rather than saying the pattern of numbers that make up the address, we can refer to it by the domain name. To understand more about domain names, keep reading. Learn more: Domain Names

Shared vs. Dedicated IP Address

This article defines what an IP address is, and compares shared vs. dedicated IP addresses. Also, information on Private SSL, Anonymous FTP, Domain Names, and Website Control. Keep reading for more on shared versus dedicated IPaddress. Learn more: Shared vs. Dedicated IP Address

Windows vs. Linux Web Hosting

There are two operating system options when it comes to web hosting, Windows or Linux. This article will compare Windows vs. Linux web hosting and give a basic overview of the pros and cons of both Windows and Linux web hosting options. Learn more: Windows vs. Linux Web Hosting

Database Web Hosting

This article defines what database web hosting is, compares the differences between SQL and MySQL hosting, will help you determine if you need database web hosting, and offer tips on what to look for when choosing a database web hosting company. Learn more: Database Web Hosting

Canada/UK Web Hosting

There are many benefits to foreign web hosting. This article provides information on the benefits of using a Canadian web hosting company and UK web hosting. Keep reading to find out more on foreign web hosting and hosting in the UK and Canada. Learn more: Canada/UK Web Hosting

Plesk vs. Ensim vs. cPanel

Web hosting control panels are provided by your web hosting company to help you control your website. This article gives information on three of the top control panels and compares the pros and cons of Plesk vs. Ensim vs. cPanel control panels. Learn more: Plesk vs. Ensim vs. cPanel

How Reliable is Your Web Host?

How reliable is your web host? This article offers tips on what to look for when searching for a reliable web hosting company. When it comes to your web site, especially your eCommerce website, you need a webhosting company you can rely on for the best uptime and security. Learn more: How Reliable is Your Web Host?