Weebly Web Hosting Review

Weebly Web Hosting Basics

Weebly Disk Space:  Unlimited  
Weebly Bandwidth:  Unlimited  
Example URL:  youdomain.com  
Required Banner Ads:  None  
Visit Weebly for complete details.

Weebly Features:

  • •Unlimited Storage
  • •Unlimited Number of Pages
  • •Unlimited Number of Blogs
  • •No Forced Ads
  • •Purchase a Domain From Weebly
  • •Google Webmaster Tools
  • •Unlimited Bandwidth
  • •70+ Professional Designs
  • •Drag & Drop Website Editor
  • •Publish Your Own Domain or
  • •Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Features
  • •Password Protected Pages

Weebly Review:

Weebly website builder is a complete system for creating, building, and hosting your own website. This program makes it easy for you to start from scratch and build a website with everything you want. With 70+ templates to choose from and a drag and drop website editor you can create the image and feel that best suits your needs. Add text, images, maps, or video by just dragging and dropping them into your website. It is really that simple.
You can create as many pages as you want and will enjoy unlimited bandwidth and storage. This is all free! Check out the Weebly site today for more information on all the options available.

Weebly Reader Reviews:

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submitted by: Amy Lovering - Nov 23, 2012

5 stars    Weebly offers a truly free website hosting site. I purchased my domain name elsewhere and the transfer to Weebly was quick and painless. Most of the site builder web pages are easy and intuitive, although there are times when you have to figure out just where to look for something or how to change something on your web page. Most of the time, this process is a breeze (occasionally you encounter some clunkiness when deleting forms and boxes) but overall, this is an excellent site for the novice or a small home business. While I wish they would offer a few more pages to the website without adding on a fee (it`s currently at 5, I believe, in order to remain free), their pricing is competitive. They do only offer 2 free website hostings per account before you have to pay a fee. While this is disappointing if you want to keep all your sites in one place, it does make good economic sense for Weebly. I have never encountered downtime issues. Since I`ve never had any issues with my site in the year that I`ve had it, I can`t speak to customer service. I have nothing but good to say about this site, especially for beginners and for someone needing a retail presence on the web without needing dozens of pages.

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