Dedicated Servers

In this article we discuss how a dedicated server is equal to a dedicated IP address, the two types of dedicated server options, and the value of a dedicated server.  You will learn what benefits you gain by having a dedicated server.
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There are two meanings of dedicated server.  In the first, dedicated server is contrasted with nondedicated server.  A nondedicated server is one that switches function and can act as both a client and a server, whereas a dedicated server only functions as a server. This is not the meaning that is explored in this article.

In this article, by a dedicated server, we refer to the second meaning: a server that services only one domain name or account as opposed to a server employed for multiple accounts. Having a dedicated server frees you from the problems of shared hosting in which you have to share a server with others. Sometimes it's worth having a server all to yourself. This article explores the situation of having a dedicated server.

Dedicated Server = Dedicated IP Address

Web servers, like every other electronic device that connects with the Internet, are identified by an Internet Protocol (IP) address. So each fax, computer, router, printer, and switch has a distinct IP address. The IP address is made up of four 1–3 digit numbers, that are in the range of 0–255 and separated by dots. The IP address of a web server is "dedicated," and that means that the server always has the same IP address. This differs from the situation with shared hosting in which websites that use the same server share the IP address.

Two Types of Dedicated Server Options

Managed hosting service provides you with a dedicated server and a dedicated manager to administer your system. This is a more expensive service than dedicated hosting, in which you are leasing the server while providing your own server manager who will need to solve any problems that arise.

Here's an example of the difference in cost. Dedicated hosting with up to 500 GB of space and around 2000 GB of bandwidth runs from $55 to $215 per month at selected web hosts if the account is paid by the year. Managed hosting with those parameters for capacity and bandwidth runs $99 to $260 per month if the account is paid by the year.

The Value of a Dedicated Server

There are several reasons why a dedicated server is the ideal situation. First is capacity. If you need the entire server space for your business or businesses, a best dedicated server is an obvious choice. Second is bandwidth. On a dedicated server, you don't have to be concerned with how much bandwidth anyone else is using: it's all yours. Third is extensibility. Even if you're not using the whole server now, but you have plans to expand, it may be preferable for  you to have all your holdings on one server (with redundant reliable backup) rather than split over several servers.

Another reason that might push you towards a dedicated server is the behavior of neighbors on a shared server. It has been known to happen that spam blockers respond to the misbehavior of some users by blocking not just those users but an entire IP address. If your online activities require free and unlimited access to other web addresses, then freeing yourself from the repercussions of your server-neighbors' poor choices might be enough to move you to a dedicated server.

Beyond the value of handing the dedicated server itself, there's also the value of the dedicated IP address to consider. For one thing, those who seek a Private Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate must have a dedicated IP address. And that comes with having a dedicated server. SSL certificates have an encryption system used for the security of message transmission and are a crucial element of electronic commerce, such as accepting credit cards, as well as other sensitive information.

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