HostArmor Review
HostArmor Disk Space:  500 MB  
HostArmor Bandwidth:  5 GB  
Example URL:  
Required Banner Ads:  None  
HostArmor Monthly Cost:  $4.99  
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HostArmor Review: When webmasters get enough courage to move up from shared web hosting to dedicated servers they can not only be shocked at first but also confused from all the options they have to choose from. HostArmor makes some of those decisions easier and definitely takes away the fear! That is why we have awarded HostArmor our Top Dedicated Server award!

Before we talk about the dedicated servers that HostArmor offers, letís briefly talk about their shared web hosting since we have so many readers looking for affordable web hosting. With HostArmor you have four shared web hosting plans to choose from all allowing you to host unlimited domains on your account! The four plans range in disk space from 500 MB to a custom amount of storage! The traffic ranges from 5 GB to a custom amount of premium traffic! Yes you read that right. HostArmor offers you the ability to have a plan customized to your needs and you donít have to pay an arm and leg for it! The HostArmor web hosting starts at only $4.99 and goes up from there depending on how much you want to customize it!

When it comes to dedicated servers you wonít find a web hosting company that offers you better affordable dedicated server plans. Sure you might find a hole in the wall company that offers you cheaper servers, but you get what you pay for! And that isnít saying HostArmor charges you a lot for dedicated hosting because they donít! The HostArmor dedicated servers start at only $99 a month and all six of their plans donít include a set up fee, like most providers.

When talking about dedicated servers you will see a lot of features that are similar between a lot of hosts. It is the equipment that sets the good apart from the bad. It is the equipment that sets HostArmor at the top of the list! Using only the best equipment, HostArmor is proud to say they have never had a customer complain about the servers. Oh yeah, they also have a 100% network uptime!

Some other features of the HostArmor dedicated servers include the easy to use DirectAdmin control panel, a free KVM over IP address, and 10 TB of premium traffic space. In addition, you can have your dedicated server managed or unmanaged.

Check out HostArmor to find out why they are our Top Dedicated Server award recipient!

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HostArmor Features:
Unlimited Hosted Domains
500 MB RAID Storage
5 GB Premium Traffic
Enterprise Dell Hardware
MySQL Support
Weekly Backups
Cpanel Powered
CentOS Server
Usage Statistics
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
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